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What is a Co-Sponsorship?

Co-sponsorships serve as a means through which Residence Hall RHAs, RAs and other organizations on campus can obtain financial assistance from the Residence Hall Association (RHA) for use in funding activities, events, and programs that will help further the goals and mission of RHA as determined by the general body.

Co-sponsorships may be used to obtain up to $250. Single Residence Hall RHAs may submit proposals requesting up to $150 from RHA, whereas multiple community councils working together on a single program may submit proposals requesting up to $250 from RHA.

Submitting A Co-Sponsorship

By following the co-sponsorship outline you may submit a typed proposal, no more than 2 pages in length, explaining the program and a detailed breakdown of costs/expenses for which you are requesting co-sponsorship in detail. RAs, NRHH, SCOPE, LCAB, and other student organizations are also welcome to submit co-sponsorship forms following the same guidelines as listed above.

Co-sponsorship’s must be submitted online via the Google Form. Proposals must be submitted at least two weeks before the date at which the program is scheduled to take place, as the Finance Committee will require time to not only consider and approve the request, but to ensure that funds can be made available. (Therefore, if you are conducting a program on a Tuesday, you need to send in your co-sponsorship forms two Tuesdays before the event!) Please remember that submission of a proposal only guarantees consideration for funding, and not necessarily for funding itself.