RHA 2017-2018 Executive Board


President: Anthony Hersee

Anthony Hersee

What’s up everyone, my name is Anthony Hersee and I am your President Pro-Tempore for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Originally from Evanston, Illinois, home of Northwestern University, right outside Chicago, I love being on the East Coast and fall in upstate NY is unlike any other.

For me, I have been part of RHA since my sophomore year and I regard it as a special organization unique from any other that helps give freshman students a platform to grow in their own leadership style.

As a senior, I am excited to work with you over the next few months and upcoming semester to help you make the most out of the largest student-run organization in the world and what we can do for you.

If you should need anything, you know where you can find me. Let’s make it happen!

Vice-President: Sadia Ahmed

Sadia Ahmed


Hi everyone! My name is Sadia Ahmed and I am your Vice President for the 2017-2018 school year. I am a first-year student on the pre-law track studying Political Science and Global Securities. I got involved with Flint Hall RHA at the beginning of this year and transitioned into the Vice President position of campus RHA at the beginning of the spring semester. As a first-year student, RHA showed me my place in Syracuse. I’m excited to grow with RHA and work with the entire campus. Please feel free to contact me or drop by my office hours at anytime!

Director of Administration and Finance: Griffin Timm

Griffin Timm

Hello! My name is Griffin Timm and I am your Director of Administration and Finance for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am a freshman studying Computer Science with the goal of pursuing cyber security as a career. In my position, I help support every other executive board member by making sure they are able to finance events and initiatives. When I am not in the office managing finances, making agendas, or taking minutes, I love to rock climb at the local gym and game.

Director of Public Relations and Marketing: Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams

Hello everyone my name is Dylan Williams and I am your director of Public Relations and Marketing for the 2017-2018 school year. I am a sophomore and I am studying Forensic Science and Biotechnology. I am also a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary Orange Chapter. Being that it is my 2nd year on the RHA Executive Board I have gained a lot of leadership experience and I feel I am able to excel at my position this year. I very much enjoy going to the sporting events on campus, especially basketball. Both of my parents attended Syracuse University and graduated in the class of ’88. I am carrying on the legacy through my family and leaving my own mark.

Director of Civic EngagementRyan Golden

Ryan Golden


Hi! I’m Ryan Golden, your new Director of Civic Engagement for Residence Hall Association. I’m intending on completing a degree inR eligion and Policy Studies and I live in Lawrinson Hall this year, and am originallyf rom Charlotte, North Carolina. In my first year at Syracuse University I wanted to join organizations that I thought could make a difference in the everyday lives of students on campusw hich caused me to become an Assembly Representative in the Student Association and join my Hall RHA. Ij oined Residence Hall Association for the expressed purpose of not justb eing involved in the day to day lives of those on campus but also to work with the Syracuse community as well. AsD irector of Civic Engagement I am proud to be able to do both of those thingsa nd work with students on engaging them around the city and strengthening the bonds between the city and university.

Director of Programming: Kim Ng

Kim Ng

Hi everyone! My name is Kimberly Ng and I am your Director of Programming. I am a first-year student studying Forensic Science and Psychology. I am originally from New York City and arriving at Syracuse, I knew I wanted to join organizations that plan and execute events for students to bond with each other. I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to plan events for all of you! Feel free to contact me at anytime about any events you want or if you just want to talk about life in general.

National Communications Coordinator: Lily Verbeck

Lily Verbeck

Hi everyone! My name is Lily Verbeck and I am the National Communications Coordinator. I am a second-year student studying Economics and Finance and I’m on the pre-law track. I got involved in Lawrinson’s RHA last year through the encouragement of my amazing RA and second semester I was elected co-National Communications Coordinator. When I am not spreading the mooselove in RHA, you might find me behind the microphone at WAER Radio under the name DJ Buffalo Lil, although some call me Lil Buffy (I’m from Buffalo). Please feel free to drop by my office hours anytime whether it’s strictly business or you just want to discuss life.

Outreach Coordinator: Dorothy Fang

Dorothy Fang

My name is Dorothy Fang and I am the Outreach Coordinator for the 2017- 2018 academic year.

I am an international student from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. RHA at Syracuse University is my second home on the other side of the globe! As someone who is so far from home, it is my goal to help those struggling like I did to find their home in their halls. I am also the Director of Marketing and Public Relations of Nourish International, a nonprofit organization with a international partnership with Global Health Network Uganda, and Taiwanese Student Association! I began my RHA journey when BreeAnna Poshek, our current president, introduced me to the association as we are on our civic engagement trip to New York City. And ever since, RHA have been my main! Please feel free to come and have a chat during any of my office hours!

Coordinating Officer For RHA Development: BreeAnna Poshek

BreeAnna Poshek

My name is BreeAnna Poshek. I am a junior Selected Studies major; my focus area is post-secondary and human services. RHA is my main gig, but I am also involved with Kappa Delta Pi and Orange Relief. My journey with RHA started as a Hall Representative in H2W, then I was the Civic Engagement Director for the campus-wide executive board, finally I had the pleasure of serving as President of Residence Hall Association. RHA came into my life when I was struggling to find my place at SU and now it’s my second home. Recently, I have accepted a position as the Coordinating Officer for RHA Development for the North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (NEACURH). I have also just recently been inducted to our sister organization, National Residence Hall Honorary the Diamond Chapter. I am excited for this new journey in helping RHAs all across the North East region and bringing service and recognition to Syracuse residents. I hope you’ll follow along and be a part of the journey as we work towards turning halls into homes.

Constitutional Coordinators: Ethan Voorhees

Ethan Voorhees


My name is Ethan Voorhees and I am the Constitutional Coordinator. I’m currently a freshman in the iSchool majoring in Information Management & Technology. My role in RHA is to revise and reconstruct the constitution so that it reaches both the goals and standards of the organisation; as well, make it easier to navigate and easier to understand in plain English.

RHA Advisors:

  • Marq Houston – (mhouston@syr.edu)

  • Robin Berkowitz-Smith – (rberkowi@syr.edu)

  • Terra Peckskamp – (tlpecksk@syr.edu)